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Florida insurance requirements and policies

Florida is what we call a no-fault state what that means is that if you're in an accident in the state of Florida your insurance company is supposed to pay for your medical bills.

The type of coverage is called PIP personal injury protection and PIP together with PD property damages all that the law requires in the state of Florida. This does not mean that all of your medical bills will be paid by your insurance company....

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What it means is that your insurance company is obligated to pay up to ten thousand dollars in coverage at a rate of percent based on what's reasonably necessary and related.

You have to go after the other drivers insurance company if they have what's called bodily injury coverage in order to make a recovery for the percent difference or any expenses that you have above and beyond the amound covered by your PIP.

Another type of insurance is called comprehensive and collision this means that your insurance company will pay for your property damage to the extent that the other drivers insurance company doesn't. It's good to look to see what type of coverage you have before you have an accident so stop what you're doing now look and see what kind of coverage you have.

The last and best type of insurance is what's called uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage and this is the kind of insurance coverage that provides you for coverage when the other driver does not have bodily injury.
Lets assume that you're in a car accident. The other driver which is very frequent in miami-dade County even Broward and Palm Beach doesn't have bodily injury coverage. If you have uninsured motorist coverage, you too can still be covered for the injuries that you sustained, and you can recover benefits for the amount of your uninsured motorist coverage.

Again, it's important to know what kind of coverage you have before you get into an accident so that you're prepared. when you do have an accident you should take pictures if you can. Call 911 and make sure to get a proper police report as well. Whether you are looking for the very best coverage to protect you and your family, or just the bare minimum; make sure that you know exactly what coverages you need.

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