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How to get the best insurance for your business

Today we just wanted to discuss briefly, business insurance in the state of Florida and how you get the cheapest possible business insurance in the state. Business insurance is vital to any business out there. You pretty much want to make sure that everything is protected.

The last thing you want to think about is a disaster or travesty that could potentially bankrupt your business. Here at Advantage Plus Insurance, we...

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offer different lines of commercial auto insurance, workers compensation, or business liability insurance.

There are many different options available to you but ultimately you want to make sure you're protected properly; whether that's through required coverages by the state or you wanting to protect workers while on the job.

Whatever the case, we want to make sure that you guys are getting your insurance with the highest quality at the cheapest possible price. We leverage hundreds and hundreds of different carriers depending upon the type of insurance that you want.

Whenever you come to us you're going to feel educated. You're going to feel as comfortable as possible and we're going to try to set up whatever your specific business is with the specific insurance to make sure that you're getting the highest quality at the cheapest possible price.

In the state of Florida there are many risks out there and we want to make sure you're properly insured and that you at least understand how to obtain those those different types of coverages. So what type of insurance does Florida require and what type of insurance should you get? You may see a lot of stuff online where people say the minimums are ten thousand per person, twenty thousand per accident what does that mean? Ten thousand is called bodily injury.

BI limits it's ten thousand per person and twenty thousand per accident.
It never hurts to start at the top do the best coverages. Start at the best options and let's work our way down. Let's find where I'm comfortable and where I like the payments to be but also gives me the maximum coverages find out if you need medical. If you don't need medical don't put that in there you know if if you've gonna have a lot of people ride with you then maybe you want the medical to cover them as well.

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