Florida insurance requirements and policies

Florida is what we call a no-fault state what that means is that if you’re in an accident in the state of Florida your insurance company is supposed to pay for your medical bills.

The type of coverage is called PIP personal injury protection and PIP together with PD property damages all that the law requires in the state of Florida. This does not mean that all of your medical bills will be paid by your insurance company. What it means is that your insurance company is obligated to pay up to ten thousand dollars in coverage at a rate of percent based on what’s reasonably necessary and related.

You have to go after the other drivers insurance company if they have what’s called bodily injury coverage in order to make a recovery for the percent difference or any expenses that you have above and beyond the amound covered by your PIP.

Another type of insurance is called comprehensive and collision this means that your insurance company will pay for your property damage to the extent that the other drivers insurance company doesn’t. It’s good to look to see what type of coverage you have before you have an accident so stop what you’re doing now look and see what kind of coverage you have.

The last and best type of insurance is what’s called uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage and this is the kind of insurance coverage that provides you for coverage when the other driver does not have bodily injury.
Lets assume that you’re in a car accident. The other driver which is very frequent in miami-dade County even Broward and Palm Beach doesn’t have bodily injury coverage. If you have uninsured motorist coverage, you too can still be covered for the injuries that you sustained, and you can recover benefits for the amount of your uninsured motorist coverage.

Again, it’s important to know what kind of coverage you have before you get into an accident so that you’re prepared. when you do have an accident you should take pictures if you can. Call 911 and make sure to get a proper police report as well. Whether you are looking for the very best coverage to protect you and your family, or just the bare minimum; make sure that you know exactly what coverages you need.

How to protect your property

Let’s talk about protecting your home from lawsuits and damage. How do you protect your house, or your personal residence from creditors if somebody sues you or if someone gets hurt on your property?

If you’ve decided that this is the year to buy a home we know that there are a million questions that go into that one important decision. The one that may not be first in mind as you ponder ranch or two-story near the city in the suburbs or beachfront is the matter of homeowners insurance. Protecting that beautiful new home of yours is extremely important and definitely essential for all homeowners not to mention it may save you plenty of headaches should something happen down the road.

If you have a mortgage reverse mortgage or any lien holder they will require you to have an active home insurance policy on your home. If there is no lien on the home, homeowners insurance is not required. If damage occurred to the home the homeowner would then be responsible for paying any damages. As you can guess, homeowners insurance provides added financial assistance should any covered damage happen to your home, to any additional property, or to your personal belongings.

Be sure to know what is and what is not covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy. Remember, not having homeowners insurance means you will be responsible for paying to repair any damage out of pocket. If you have never reviewed your policy with your insurance agent or if you have made improvements to your home contact us today to review your coverages. This review will ensure you are properly covered.

Comparing coverages is beneficial so that you can be confident in knowing that your home is covered with the best policy for you and your property. With your personal residence you can do two things and sometimes three things number one you can put your home into a land trust for privacy of ownership so that way your name doesn’t appear in the public records when some attorney comes sniffing around for assets to see if they want to accept a contingency fee lawsuit against you.

You don’t assign the land trust to an llc when it’s your personal residence and show you why number two, record an equity stripping lien against your home that is a mortgage or deed of trust to pull the equity out of the property and you can do that for most people who live in states that don’t protect enough of your home equity.

Now number one and two work in ninety nine percent of the cases but in one percent of the cases number three you can later get a third party lender to purchase those liens and put the proceeds into an inaccessible account in an international asset protection trust.

Insurance tips for small business

Confusing and frustrating may be two words that describe what small business owners go through when they’re looking for business insurance.

What’s the best choice? Do I save money by buying direct? Who can I trust and how do i find an expert?

If these are some of the questions running through your mind we have some business insurance tips that can give you some guidance and advice while on your business insurance journey.

Our insurance agency here is sunrise, Florida is focused on business insurance and helping you protect your business assets and operations.
When it comes to business insurance, the choices can be overwhelming.

A simple google search will bring up millions of choices. Leading the top of the search are going to be big money insurance companies where you can buy coverage direct and some other tech firms where you can buy coverage after answering a few simple questions.

Usually these may or may not be really good choices for you business. Business insurance protects the engine that creates your lifestyle, your legacy, and much of your personal net worth. Honestly, do you want to leave the buying process up to filling in an online form and getting a quote without human interaction or having only one choice when buying directly from an insurance company forcing you to go through that whole process multiple times to make comparisons?

Here’s the four things you should be looking for when buying insurance for your business.

  • The first is expertise. Are you dealing with someone with deep knowledge of business insurance?
  • Second is choice. Are you getting a single quote or multiple options from well-rated insurers?
  • Number three is professional guidance. Now that you’ve got multiple quotes how do you choose the best one? It’s not always about the lowest price and that’s where you need professional guidance to help guide you through the many different options.
  • Fourth is advocacy. If something goes wrong down the road and it usually does; like a claim or an audit. If this happens, do you want somebody on the insurance company’s payroll to be your advocate or would you rather have an entrepreneur just like you working with you to resolve that problem.

You’re also going to want to work with people you can like and trust now i may be a bit biased here but we’re the kind of people you can trust and like, our 5 star rating says it all.

If you want to get a quote, or have a specific problem with insurance you’d like to discuss; give us a call at 954-289-4020. We represent all the major insurers writing business insurance and they’d be happy to discuss your needs answer your questions and work with you on getting the right protection in place for you and your business.

How to get the best insurance for your business

Today we just wanted to discuss briefly, business insurance in the state of Florida and how you get the cheapest possible business insurance in the state. Business insurance is vital to any business out there. You pretty much want to make sure that everything is protected.

The last thing you want to think about is a disaster or travesty that could potentially bankrupt your business. Here at Advantage Plus Insurance, we offer different lines of commercial auto insurance, workers compensation, or business liability insurance.

There are many different options available to you but ultimately you want to make sure you’re protected properly; whether that’s through required coverages by the state or you wanting to protect workers while on the job.

Whatever the case, we want to make sure that you guys are getting your insurance with the highest quality at the cheapest possible price. We leverage hundreds and hundreds of different carriers depending upon the type of insurance that you want.

Whenever you come to us you’re going to feel educated. You’re going to feel as comfortable as possible and we’re going to try to set up whatever your specific business is with the specific insurance to make sure that you’re getting the highest quality at the cheapest possible price.

In the state of Florida there are many risks out there and we want to make sure you’re properly insured and that you at least understand how to obtain those those different types of coverages. So what type of insurance does Florida require and what type of insurance should you get? You may see a lot of stuff online where people say the minimums are ten thousand per person, twenty thousand per accident what does that mean? Ten thousand is called bodily injury.

BI limits it’s ten thousand per person and twenty thousand per accident.
It never hurts to start at the top do the best coverages. Start at the best options and let’s work our way down. Let’s find where I’m comfortable and where I like the payments to be but also gives me the maximum coverages find out if you need medical. If you don’t need medical don’t put that in there you know if if you’ve gonna have a lot of people ride with you then maybe you want the medical to cover them as well.